Kevin Whitted Basketball curriculum focuses fully on skill development.  Organized basketball focuses over 75% of its time learning "plays" and less then 25% on skill development. Teams need to have organized offensive and defensive sets, but it is far more important to be able to execute the fundamentals of ball handling, dribbling, passing , shooting and progressive play. This is where "skill development" training comes into play.   

Kevin Whitted's whole player approach to training gives athletes the physical, emotional and mental tools to succeed on and off the court.   

Kevin Whitted Basketball strives to combine the best training in a controlled atmosphere for athletes at any age or skill level. The program is designed to deliver a large amount of information during any session.   Our focus is to teach players how to improve their fundamentals, how to execute a skill and why and when to do it.  We push the intensity level for each student by structuring the training around individual skill development.  

80% of the program activity is designed for drill work, shooting and ball handling 20% for active play. We also work on improving in the areas of  playing out of triple threat and creating space.  In addition we work on, progressive moves, shot mechanics, intense shooting, mid/low post play, footwork to finish, decision making skills and much more.  



You have to expect things of yourself before you can do them.
— NIKE Basketball