Train like the pros!
KWBS exclusive membership gives you full access to our training programs (group training, tight handles, shooting lab and organized skill play) used in professional training, but customized to your skill level. 

Membership Packages run in 3 months ($300), 6 months ($275), and 12 months ($250) increments. The Biggest Savings applies with a 12 month membership. Packages are automatically charged each month. 

Month to Month is also available to clients ($350) and not automatically charged.


  • Access to player development training 7 days a week
  • Discounts on KWBS camps and clinics
  • Discount on private & specialty training
  • Ability to contact Kevin about your workout plan
  • Schedules, easy access payments are more available through the website or app
  • Unlimited access to all your specialized information
  • Discount on KWBS official merchandise
  • Free t-shirt

Classes are held @ The Quest Center (7130 E Shelby Dr./Memphis, TN)

Group Training

MONDAY and THURSDAY - This hour long all-purpose training program covers strength conditioning, ball handling, footwork, hand/eye coordination, shooting mechanics and progressive shooting (game related activity).

6:00 pm - Middle/High School (Mon/Thur)

4:00 pm - Elementary (Thurs)


tight handles

TUESDAY - This hour long ball handling workout focuses on making a player effective with both their left and right hand.  A great deal of the workout will focus on strengthening the weaker hand.

4:00 pm - Elementary

6:00 pm - Middle/High School

shooting lab

WEDNESDAY – This hour long workout will breakdown footwork, stance, balance, shot mechanics and hand placement to improve a player's shot.

5:15 pm - All levels


organized skill play

SATURDAY and SUNDAY - Organized skill play is the player's chance to apply everything they have learned in training during the week.  This hour long open court play workout will feature various levels of game play (1x1, 2x2, 3x3, 4x4 and 5x5).  Players will work on ball handling, shooting, defensive concepts, and effective communication during game play.

8:00 am - Elementary (Sat)

11:00 am - Middle/High School (Sat)

4:00 pm - Middle/High School (Sun)

*Monthly Membership fee is based on a Primary Member plus certain other individuals that may be added to the membership.  Membership offers, fees, benefits, and classes are subject to change at any time.  State taxes and other restrictions may apply. Please note 3, 6, and 12 month Membership fee is automatically charged each month.